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The All New 2016 Ram 1500

dodge ram 1500

Come to work with the credentials of the available 5.7l hemi v8, and you're ready to take on whatever is in front of you, and-given the uncompromising towing and payload numbers-that loaded trailer or full-sized boat behind you. With advantages like variable valve timing (vvt), the ingenious multi-displacement system (seamlessly transforming this robust v8 into a fuel-sipping four-cylinder when cruising) and the efficient power of its hemispherical heads, the hemi v8 stands out-and frequently stands above.

The best compliment you can give this stellar performer is to acknowledge its world-known co-star. Mated to the impressive torqueflite® 8-speed automatic transmission (a powertrain component available with every engine in the ram 1500 arsenal), the proven 3.6l pentastar v6 delivers a quiet and cool performance, thanks to innovative thermal management systems that keep both the engine and transmission operating at the ideal internal temperatures.

Few engines carry the clout of the available 3.0l ecodiesel v6; fewer still can approach the mpg, driving range and towing prowess of this torque-friendly powerplant. Mated only to the torqueflite® 8-speed automatic, the 3.0l ecodiesel v6 delivers biodiesel (b20) capability; a zero-hassle def system; clean dual-filtration technology; minimal co2 levels; and oil change intervals up to 10,000 miles. The crowning touch? Its best-in-class 29 mpg highway** fuel economy.

dodge ram 1500 pacific mo

Towing, handling and maneuverability: welcome to electronic stability control.

Drive a 2016 ram 1500, where road manners, comfort and capability all ride hand in hand with safety and security. The indispensable electronic stability control system (standard on every model) is key.

This comprehensive and state-of-the-art system addresses multiple dynamics using technology that enhances control-especially while towing. The ram 1500 system features these fundamental assets:

All-speed traction control helps regulate wheel spin. If slippage occurs during acceleration, automatic throttle control will reduce torque; in extremes (like accelerating from pavement to ice), it will apply the brakes and reduce the engine power to maintain control.

dodge ram 1500 near pacific missouri

Trailer sway damping detects yaw and applies selective brake pressure on the tow vehicle's opposite side to counteract and reduce the sway.

Taking braking to the extreme.

The ram 1500 braking system features optimized pedal travel to provide quick power assist. Rear wheel-speed sensors are positionedFor protection against road elements. In its role as critical control system, features multiple assets for braking; it even includes vehicle control when stationary. These encompass:

Antilock brake system (abs). Monitoring each wheel's speed, the ram 1500 abs design also incorporates back-up braking should one of the two braking circuits be compromised.

dodge ram 1500 dave sinclair chrysler

Electronic brake-force distribution regulates brake pressure from front to rear to minimize stopping distances.

Ready alert braking senses the moment when the driver's foot is lifted from the accelerator; it applies an imperceptible brake force to ensure that pads and discs are lined up should an emergency stop be required.

Rain brake support automatically and seamlessly activates when the driver turns on the windshield wipers; all brake calipers gently pulse against their respective rotors to remove water from the pads.

Hydraulic boost compensation.


Should a failure occur in the vacuum brake booster or any related line (e.G., a rupture from tough off-roading), the brake controller will run the abs pump; our system is so sophisticated, it conveys the problem to the driver. Most important, the brakes perform as normal until the failure is serviced.

Hill start assist.

When the vehicle is angled on hills or inclines, this system keeps your ram 1500 stationary for two seconds after the brakes have been released or until the accelerator is depressed.

dodge ram 1500 dave sinclair chrysler in pacific

Parksense® front and rear park assist.

The available parksense front and rear park assist serves as a convenient aid, especially when parallel parking.

Multiple integrated sensors use ultrasonic waves to detect objects as far as 47 inches away from the bumpers, picking up the echo of a signal when it bounces off an object. Using classic echo triangulation, the system determines relative distance. Read-outs located in the gauge cluster display team up with audible chimes to notify the driver of proximity to front and/or rear objects.

Class-exclusive:a robust, dynamic rear suspension that simultaneously delivers occupant comfort with seriously impressive handling and road manners.

Available parkview® rear back-up camera.

You get an on-screen display with active grid lines that let you pinpoint the trailer hitch-with a clear view of the rear each time you shift into reverse.

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Available trailer tow mirrors.

These large 7 x 11-inch mirrors swing out on extended arms and capture the entire scene on each side of the truck. Towing an extra-wide trailer? Our trailer tow mirrors are designed to give you the maximum view behind you.

Available trailer brake.

Custom-designed to give you supreme control and confidence while trailering, the available trailer tow mirrors and brake group puts it all together. The group includes an electronic trailer brake controller, a class iv hitch receiver and the trailer tow mirrors, described above. The trailer and traction group (available for ram 1500 slt models only) offers all the amenities of the trailer tow mirrors and brake group, and adds a 3.92 axle ratio (with the hemi® v8 or ecodiesel v6 engines), or a 3.55 axle ratio (if equipped with the pentastar® v6 engine). Properly secure all cargo.

What's unbelievable is that no one else has engineering this refined. This available and class-exclusive suspension system delivers five distinctive operational modes, with four-corner control resulting in an overall superior ride, irrespective of load. The engineering automatically equalizes your ram 1500 while under heavy payloads, helping maintain a horizontal load plane, a level and constant driving profile and proper headlamp-to-road angle for consistently even forward illumination.

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Fingertip suspension control.

Our integrated switch bank makes operating the available active-level four-corner air suspension system a snap; push a button, and you've moved from one mode to another, ensuring the ideal ride height for your terrain and conditions.

Available premium keyless enter 'n go.TM

Functions include keyless (bladeless) operation to system controls for the remote start, the allsecure® locking system and the panic button; it even allows remote access of the entry/exit mode of the available active-level four-corner air suspension system.

Off-road 2 mode.

Provides impressive ground clearance for the path and trail and generous angles for approach, departure and breakover. Difference from normal: +2.0 in.

Off-road 1 mode.

Enjoy outstanding ride balance, with an extra degree of clearance when off-road scenarios are less severe than those that warrant off-road 2 mode. Difference from normal: +1.2 in, front; +0.9 in, rear.

Normal ride height. The most comfortable balance of ride and handling for everyday driving.

Aero mode.

At highway speeds, the aero mode automatically lowers the vehicle, reducing aerodynamic drag and "body roll," and measurably improving fuel efficiency. Difference from normal: -0.6 in.

dodge ram near dave sinclair chrysler

Entry/exit mode.

Automatically lowers the vehicle for easier entry/exit, loading/unloading, trailer hooking/unhooking. This mode is manually controlled by the internal button bank or remotely with the key fob. Difference from normal: -2.1 in, front; -1.7 in, rear.

Some strengths you count.

Others you weigh. So measure it all: ram 1500 frequently comes out on top.

With class-exclusive suspensions culminating in the available active-leveltm four-corner air suspension system. With a frame that builds on advanced high-strength steel and tough crossmembers. Ram 1500 advantages range from the available active grille shutters in front to a structural rear bumper to an available factory-installed class iv hitch receiver that bolts directly to the frame. After your review of what's here, there's more. Click over to ramtrucks.Com

Tonneau cover.

Built with efficiency in mind, the available tonneau cover facilitates movement of air over the bed. This has a positive effect on airflow and helps to further reduce aerodynamic drag.

Available spray-in bedliner.

Factory-installed for ideal finish, with the durability to help protect your ram 1500 for years to come.

The tow.

Look at ram 1500, and you're looking at towing. This structural rear bumper is rated for class iii towing, and easily handles trailers up to 5,000 lb when properly equipped. The available factory-installed class iv hitch receiver bolts directly to the high-strength steel frame and handles up to 10,640 lb when properly equipped.

The connection.

Your trailer connector is easily accessible, with a separate adjacent lamp for easy connecting at night. All ram 1500 models provide a 4- and 7-pin connector.

New led bed lighting.

No more looking in the dark.

New for 2016 ram 1500: available led bed lighting that welcomes working at night and eliminates adjusting a tonneau cover. Installed right at the factory, this convenient lighting augments the chmsl-mounted lamp to illuminate the rear area of the cargo bed. With multiple controls-either from the instrument panel-mounted switch or a button on the remote key fob-you have ample illumination on each side of the cargo bed that makes loading and unloading during dark hours easier than ever.

The class-exclusive multilink coil spring rear suspension. Without exception, the competition employs leaf-spring technology.

Leave it where it belongs-behind you. The ram 1500 coil spring rear suspension offers the strength and durability the competition just can't match, with more lateral stiffness, greater vehicle control and ride quality so good, it's the preferred suspension technology for rail cars.

The steel.

Reducing weight contributes to fuel efficiency. Where heavy steel isn't needed, ram 1500 engineers opted for down-gauged but stronger steel, so you can count on a full-size tough truck with fuel-sipping performance.

The electric power steering.

The incorporation of electric power steering created a raft of advantages. Parasitic losses are lower-helping improve fuel efficiency. Operation is quieter. Speed-proportional assist translates into outstanding highway road feel-and minimal efforts in parking lots. Precise and less complex, it also eliminated hydraulic fluid-and the time used to check and replace it.

The front frame unit.

Working with the high-strength steel frame are eight ultra-tough crossmembers; we also employ a hydroformed tubular front frame unit, also comprised of high-strength steel. It's an ultra-stiff component that further reduces weight-adding to fuel efficiency while providing exceptional ride characteristics.

The front suspension.

The 2016 ram 1500 utilizes superb technology: our short-/long-arm suspension with coil springs and stabilizer bar minimizes camber and toe change. You'll measure it in the savings that accompany reduced tire wear.

The shock absorbers.

Ram 1500 engineering leaves no stone unturned-except the ones you're riding on. These shocks are tuned for optimum ride balance, with more resistance during upward wheel motion than downward. Count on a smooth ride with reduced harshness, notably on less-than-perfect road surfaces.

The active grille shutters.

This available asset has proven itself beyond doubt. The shutters instantly adapt to speed, load and engine needs to provide ideal engine cooling, while significantly reducing aerodynamic drag to help improve the fuel efficiency for ram 1500 models.

The aerodynamics.

Contributing to the fuel-efficient performance and quiet ride, are exceptional aerodynamics. With touches like wind-tunnel tested and thoroughly refined windshield shapes and aero-formed side mirrors, the ram 1500 exterior is sculpted to glide through air.

Wheel-to-wheel side steps.

These available robust, tubular, wheel-to-wheel side steps help improve aerodynamic efficiency, while easing access to the truck interior and bed.

Your 2016 ram 1500 truck is a rolling powerhouse of knowledge, information and communications technology. And it's all in your command: available and customizable full-color seven-inch multiview display. Some 34 menu options and graphics conveying instant vehicle data. On select models, a six-ring instrumentation cluster. Available 8.4-inch touchscreen (to no one's surprise, ram 1500 offers the largest in the class) with some of the most state-of-the-art telematics through uconnect.®

dodge ram 1500 good deal

This craft is truly exceptional. The very singular ram 1500 laramie longhorn: a crafted interior matched only by its stunning two-tone exterior. Inside, look for european burl wood accents. Beautifully etched leather. Heated and ventilated seats. Telematics and electronics that set the benchmark. What really makes a lasting impression is the modern instrumentation that nonetheless harks back to venerable silver watches and the old west.

Life is good when you're in the black. Step in, and step up. The ram 1500 limited, with its all-black leather interior, makes a powerful statement of how understated luxury can be. This top-of-the-line ram comes with virtually every imaginable feature, including a heated steering wheel, full-color display, navigation, the class-exclusive

Active-leveltm four-corner air suspension system, and much, much more.

Its very name defies convention.

The standards for this customized ram 1500 take a new tack. Think spacious crew cab with an interior that features a unique "tire-tread" embossed treatment on the two-tone seats. Outside, look for an aggressive ram centric grille and tailgate. The ride: standard active-leveltm four-corner air suspension system with a one-inch ride height increase. Power: 3.6l pentastar® v6 (standard on 4x4 models) and 5.7l hemi® v8 (standard, 4x2; available on 4x4). The final touches are the 17-inch wheels and huge 33-inch toyo® open country tires.

Sophistication has a birthplace.

It's laramie. This is where it started: a model that made opulence the bottom line-and then built from there. With standard monotone and available two-tone exterior treatments, leather-trimmed interior, standard 3.6l pentastar® v6 and parkview® rear cback-up camera.

The ram 1500 model that's perfect for you is, frankly, your birthright. Opcen it up at ramtrucks.Com

Redesigned center console.

In a ram 1500, the available center cocnsole is a smart operationsc center, offering abcundant storage and a medica hub. Improvements include a handy cell phone/tablet mount and updated cup holders. Shown at right, the new open bin design (outdoorsman® trim shown).

Properly secure all cargo. Learn more ramtrucks.Com

Ram 1500 outdoorsman® in true blue pearl with available mopar® accessories, including heavy-duty splash guards, black tubular side steps, bed step and 20-inch black forged wheels.

Authentic ram parts and accessories by mopar go far beyond simply giving you a means to personalize your ram 1500; they give you nearly unlimited potential to ramp up comfort, convenience and performance.

Mopar accessories cover it all.

You can enhance towing capability, ease getting in or out, select from a variety of protective devices and add flair to both the interior and exterior. Conceived and engineered by the same experts who designed your ram truck, you're assured of perfect fit, function and finish.

Further advantages of mopar are wide-ranging. Mopar express lane service minimizes waiting and downtime. The mopar vehicle protection® plan is the only extended protection backed by the manufacturer. The online record-keeping of your service records are a click away, through our mopar owner connect web site-and it's also where you'll get additional vehicle information and exclusive money-saving offers as a preferred ram owner.

Mopar support.

It's all about keeping you happy and keeping your ram 1500 in top-notch looks and condition. Check it out at mopar.Com